Venezulea Crisis May 16th, 2016

The following article was written by H. Fuji Shioura when he was an Independent Candidate for California’s 50th Congressional District in California in 2016 for our United States House of Representatives.

It is in the US best interest to make sure Venezuela return to a pro-western stance before Venezuela becomes a client state that’s political, militarily and economically subordinate to a more powerful state like China.

More than ever we need our candidates for the United States Congress, like me, to be thoroughly familiar, personally knowledgeable and confident in foreign policy. Particularly in regards to Latin American foreign policy, which has a direct impact on our immigration and border security policies, legislation, and enforcement. I have publically challenged congressional candidates to an open debate to no avail. Apparently, the two Democrats and the two Republicans in our 50th Congressional District can agree via inaction, as to not publically discuss the pressing issues of our time; like immigration and border security.

As your sole Independent and self-funded candidate on the ballot this June 7th, Tuesday, 2016, I will not be part of the establishment problem. Which is the problem of inaction, filibustering and dereliction of my congressional duties to debate, legislate and pass laws in a timely and efficient manner. Our voters deserve better. Our families, friends, and community are worthy of a US Congress of action, not inaction. I promise you, the voter, that I will carefully vote Yes or No in our Congress, without any unnecessary delays.

As your next 50th Congressional District Congressman, I will publically state on the record in a timely and efficient manner my convictions, concerns, and decisions on the most pressing issues of our time. Such as immigration, border security and Latin American foreign policy just to name a few. Starting a campaign stance on issues is a great start. I clearly stated my stance from A to Z on the issues on my internet site to inform the public and encourage my fellow candidates to debate. I will not rest there. I will go above and beyond for my constituents. Because you deserve a public servant that serves you, your family and community. Not the other way around where you the public, serve the elected officials personal whims by misuse of campaign funds to support a lavish lifestyle like my opponent.

I will be proactive with all my dealings while serving as your next Congressman. For example, our President Harry S Truman was the first chief executive to order a daily intelligence “briefing” on pressing issues of the time. Since then our presidents and selected individuals have received this type of briefings. Likewise, an informed electorate is necessary for a functioning democracy. I will remain faithful to our federal Constitution by working hard to protect and expand our First Amendment, Free Press Clause and Free Flow of Information Act. Engaging, empowering and informing voters thereby will help hold accountable elected officials. Furthermore, I am proud to have been an early support of the ICIJ and the Panama Papers.

I have dedicated a special section on my internet site, called Briefings, which addresses the pressing issues of our time. The convictions, concerns, and decisions stated on these matters are solely my own. The primary goal for the “Briefings” section of the internet site is to engage, empower and inform voters that will hold responsible candidates for elected office like myself. The goal is to engage you, the voter by informing you on the issues with accurate, concise and easily understood information that affects us all. I also envision will empower you in very meaningful ways. You will be able to participate securely and efficiently via text message or email directly. Voters like you will have a say, by a public facing website for a registered voter survey. The study will allow actual voter participation on important proposals, future legislations and community concerns for California’s 50th District, California and the country.

Such a modern, cost-effective and easy-to-use method of empowerment will help hold accountable elected officials on public record. For example, if I propose legislation to allow the FAA to permit airline pilots to carry a handgun while working, I will pose this question to the voters of the 50th Congressional District. I will consciously listen to your concerns, and vote accordingly to my constituents’ wishes and desires. If there are amendments, such as airline pilots should be allowed to carry handguns on international flights, but not domestic flights, you the voter will have a direct say via the survey.

Whenever possible, I will engage, inform, and empower the voters of the 50th Congressional District like never before. I furthermore would propose at least a hall meeting once a month.

World events will not wait for our Congress to act, and neither will I. I will get to work for the American people to get the job done. For the sake of brevity and ease of reading I have condensed the most critical information or briefing, to bullet points “briefings.” In conclusion, I thank you for your time, consideration and vote. Suggestions, advice, and opinions will be welcomed.

May 16th, 2016, Venezuela
Venezuela is in a crisis of confidence. The general public has lost faith in their government. Unchecked socioeconomic turmoil will escalate exponentially to widespread civil unrest.
Brazil and Colombia will be affected by incoming Venezuelan refugees.

Zika virus epidemic could rapidly mutate to a pandemic under such conditions for South America, thereby endangering Mexico, Central, and North America populations.

Military coup likely will be pro-Chinese
The US has diminished and insufficient diplomatic assets, covert or otherwise, to unilaterally counter Chinese interference.

Cuban intervention on behalf of US interest, for a price, can readily but not handily, counteract significant Chinese inroads in public opinion, government and military institutions.
China’s foreign policy has a sanctioned geopolitical obsession with Venezuela.
Venezuela is China’s central pillar, goal and long term aspiration for Latin American foreign policy.
Historically, China is following a similar path, reasoning, and effort as the cold war scenario of the USSR and Cuba.

It is in the US best interest to make sure Venezuela return to a pro-western stance before Venezuela becomes a client state that’s political, militarily and economically subordinate to a more powerful state like China.

A Venezuelan crisis would directly compromise US and Mexico border security.
OSA (Organization of American States) participation will have a short term symbolic impact. To reiterate, a binational US-Cuban diplomatic and humanitarian outreach must commence as soon as possible, to prevent and adequately address a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions for Venezuela.