Free Press

As your next California Governor I will lead the legislation in Calfiornia and Congress on IRS tax reform to address tax evasion and offshore tax havens. I am a proud supporter of our ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists) and the Offshore Leaks Database. I will pledge to remain true to our federal Constitution by working hard to protect and expand our First Amendment, Free Press Clause and Free Flow of Information Act.

Social media has empowered voters like you and me like never before. Likewise, live streaming is the future of social media. The phrase “anytime, anywhere” is truer more than ever. As voters, we now have the power and means to put candidates like myself on notice “anytime, anywhere”. This is how our democracy should be, a public servant should serve the best interest of the public, not the public serve the private personal interest of the public servant. The amount of “anytime, anywhere” transparency we have as a democracy directly equates to the amount of genuine accountability we have for our candidates and politicians.

This why I created a dedicated internet site called GOVERNOR.LIVE So, all our candidates running for California Governor in 2018 can have an opportunity to publicly debate each other. We now have free and open technologies like Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Twitter Periscope. A well-informed electorate is essential for a democracy to elect a representative form of government of the people, from the people and for the people. I openly invite and challenge my fellow California Gubernatorial candidates to a vigorous, civil and public debate on the pressing issues of our time like education, environment, energy independence and economy. There are no more excuses by candidates to avoid a public debate on the important issues our voters deserve answers to that will empower voters like you and me to know the facts. Our voters deserve a debate once a week. Our children deserve all the candidates, Democrat and Republican alike, to work together to offer our voters solutions.

For more information on how California’s future Governor Fuji is making our tax dollars, government and elected officials more accountable to voters like you and me visit us at: