As the sole Independent self-funded candidate for our June 7th, 2018 Gubernatorial Election, I am obligated by conviction as a parent, youth pastor, educator, and technologist, to empower our voters, by not only organizing a campaign but by calling for a movement. This is why we named our campaign site – because I will do what is best for America and all of California, while also proudly representing our great Republic of California as a faithful San Diego native. This is why I voted for my fellow Independent, Senator Bernie Sanders for US President in the last election.

I have family and friends that are Democrat and Republican. I have never belonged to the Republican nor Democrat political establishments. I have challenged and ran against both Republicans and Democrats, when I knew and experienced injustices, and felt clear and present danger to our democracy, national security, environment, and economy. In the last Congressional election of 2016, I was the first person in California and in the United States, to officially run against the first member of our United States Congress to publicly endorse and support Donald Trump for US President.

As of March 2017, I have contacted numerous times our California Secretary of State to inquire what are the state requirements to legally qualify to become a candidate for California Governor for our June 7th, 2018. I have been denied to know what are the precise state requirements to legally qualify for the Gubernatorial Election of June 7th, 2018. I view this as a delaying tactic as a form of voter suppression, in the attempts to deter and disqualify as many people from running for elected office. Voter suppression comes in many forms. Be it candidates refusing to publicly debate other candidates or voter identification laws that intentionally disfranchise Hispanic voters. Justice delayed is justice denied. I am sure there will be surprises as late as the Fall of 2017, to disqualify as many patriotic Californians from running for elected office. No matter what, I will continue to fight for a just, all-inclusive and open election for all Californians.

Whether here in California, Washington DC or abroad, I will fight for justice, liberty and unconditional gender equality. I will always tell the truth to you the voters. I will tirelessly fight for and defend our California ideals that have made California a leader in the world for justice, liberty, and unconditional gender equality. California has reached a population of approximately 39.5 million people and an economy the size of a country like France. Our next California Governor must thoroughly understand our national issues as well as foreign policy in ever increasing interconnected society and global economy. This is one reason of many why I created an online petition on defending justice, liberty and unconditional gender equality in the Middle East. Complete unconditional gender equality for women is a signature part of my campaign and policy, domestic and foreign.

Like I said before, I am a Californian first, and I will continue to act like one. I am asking you to believe and vote that our diversity of ideas, peoples, and faiths is what makes California the greatest place on earth. Having worked closely with our mothers, daughters, and sons in our Hispanic communities, now more than ever I understand the urgent need for more Latina lawyers in our courts, state government, and elections. Many immigration policy changes directly impact our undocumented single Hispanic mothers and children. This is one important reason of many why I created ABOGADA.LAWYER to unite and empower Latinas like never before in California’s history.

Once elected as your next California Governor I will not stop by empowering our mothers and daughters. As your next California Governor, I will draft legislation to allow our legal profession to be regulated in both Spanish and English. I will fund our California Law schools to be taught in either Spanish or English, to take our California Bar Exam to become a lawyer, in Spanish or English. I will work hard to draft and pass legislation that will make our Qualifying for Admission to Practice Law in California through Study in a Law Office or Judge’s Chamber, performed in Spanish or English. I am committed to making our California laws more inclusive, accountable and just for all.

This is why I am fighting for a pathway to laying the legal groundwork for having our California courts to be conducted in Spanish or English. The scales of justice must be equal to reflect our unique Hispanic heritage and population, Spanish language speaking cities and communities that I am so proud of being a part of since I was born in San Diego. To be sure there is much work ahead, such as our California Constitution, federal immigration courts, California Supreme Court and so much more.

Together we will forge a more equitable, representative and fairer legal system for our children and tomorrow! It’s time for California to become the leader of Latin America. This is why I am proposing with your blessing, to make our improved legal system initiative named Guadalupe, after our Mother of the Americas Lady Guadalupe. I am proud to be the first candidate in California’s history officially invite our Latin American neighbors like Mexico, Ecuador, and Brazil and other Latin American countries to open an embassy in Los Angeles to strengthen and improve our binational cooperation on commerce, security, and so much more. I thank you for your interest and prayers. I invite you to join me in this once in a lifetime moment to be a part of California history for all of us

Like you, I am a Californian first, and I will continue to act like one. I am asking you to believe and vote that our diversity of ideas, peoples, and faiths is what makes California the greatest place on earth.

I am asking for your vote on June 7th, 2018.

I am here to get the job done.